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Three days with WalkOnWater Kayak Tours – Kayaking in Israel


Day 1.

Beginning at 9AM at Southern point of the Sea of Galilee. After short orientation on the Sea of Galilee and some safety instruction we would paddle to Hamat Hot springs and visit one of the most spectacular third century mosaics in Israel. Back to the Kayak we would paddle along the walls of of Tiberias that was established by King Herods (First Century) and reconstruct by the crusaders on 11th Century, 1000 years later. We would have a lunch in Teberias market and visit Mosque, Church and synagogue representing the three monotheistic religions of the area. Back to the Kayak we would paddle to Magdala, hometown of Mary Magdalena and organized ourselves for dinner and camping. Evening time we would walk to visit one of the most impressive archeological site recently found in Israel. The site include simple house that was used by the community for worship god at the years 20-30 AD the exact time when Christ went down from Nazareth and met Mary Magdalena.

Day 2:

After breakfast, starting around 8:30 we would continue paddling Northwest till the visitor center of Ginosar. On this coast,  during the dry season of the late ninetieth, fishermen’s found well preserve wooden boat from the first century. This was the sort of boat used by Jesus and his  disciples, several of whom were fishermen.  We would walk to the visitor center to explore the antique boat. Back to the kayak we would paddle along the southern part of the lake to the Church of the Primacy of Peter, where Jesus entrusted Peter to continue his work and to lay the foundations of the Christian religion. Short walk will take us to with a visit to the Church of Loaves and Fishes in Tabgha where we can see the beautiful mosaic of the of the loves and fishes, which more than anything else symbolizes the miracle of the feeding of the 5000. Back to the Kayak we would paddle to the Church at Capernaum, allegedly the spot where Christ chose his 12 Apostles. We will dine simple afternoon coffee on the table of the fantastic garden of the Greek Church. Back to the Kayak we would paddle to Amnoon Bay for dinner and camping.

Day 3.

Getting early morning, we will paddle the length of the Jordan Delta and various other streams which tumble down from the Golan Heights and spend some time observing the huge variety of bird and aquatic plant life which which live in this part of the lake. In the spring, huge flocks of storks can be seen flying over the lake. The area is also a temporary home to thousands of cormorants and large flocks of pelicans, ducks and birds of prey. We  will observe eight types of heron, and 3 species of kingfishers nesting in the banks of the Jordan delta. Continue paddling to Kibbutz Ein Gev, where we will pay a visit to the “Anchor Museum”, an exhibit of ancient nautical artifacts from the Sea of Galilee. While at Ein Gev we will take advantage of a tour round the kibbutz which is one of the most interesting examples of  an exercise in communal living of the twentieth century. We will have late lunch at Ein Gev restaurant famous for its well-known Saint Peter’s fish. After farewell feast a ferry that cross the Sea of Galilee will take you back to Tiberias city.

Estimate paddle per day: 15-20 KM, Morning time the lake is flat and afternoon can be windy. Itinerary can be modified  if lake would be stormy or one of the visitor center would be closed.


Price Per Person US$ 975

Price includes:

Guided tour, Kayak, Paddle Life Jacket, Lunch and dinner on first day, Breakfast, lunch and dinner second day and breakfast and lunch third day, Coffee and snacks, fruits, Sunscreen, drinking water, Camping sites, restaurant, entrance fee to parks, archeological site, visitors’ centers, Ferry Ticket.

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